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RTW: Phase 1: Budgeting

I took some time to create a spreadsheet with expected cost. I am planning much faster than I can save money, which causes a lot of excitement, but also makes for disappointment due to not being able to leave sooner. But it will still be a nice realization to have saved for this trip and slowly see it become a reality. Back to the topic on hand though!

I've attached the spread sheet for you guys to see and comment if you so wish (located at the end of this blog).

Fuel cost are minimal and are taken from average cost based on various web sources. A few thousand miles here and there really doesn't add much to the cost. What it does add is the cost of being in the location itself. The total cost to travel around the world on gasoline is a low $2000.00!!! Thats less than an airplane ticket around the world by far!

Housing and Entertainment
The largest cost is housing and entertainment, the housing cost are rough estimates of hotel prices within the region (again, gathered from various internet sources). I am sure that in many locations there will be the opportunity to stay with someone or camp along the way. There will also be cheaper options which include hostels.

For the entertainment column, there are two noticeable things. First is the daily cost of entertainment, I assumed this value based on museum prices, alcohol prices and entry fees into various points of interest, after which I divided the cost by 2. Why? Simply because I don't expect to be doing something everyday. There are several thousand miles to cover via motorbike, so entertainment will likely be closer to 1/3 of the time spent on this trip.

Miles Per Day
I've also calculated the miles per day average, though this number doesn't really reflect much of the reality of riding, I feel like if we had a few hard days of riding and stopped and enjoyed the town or city we were in, we would be most comfortable at 70-100 miles/day pace. For example, I have allocated 40 days in China, with an average of 68 miles/day. In reality, I intend to spend a good amount of time in Beijing and then a good 3 days covering 1000 miles to reach Shanghai, while staying for a week or so, and then moving another 1000 miles to reach Hong Kong for some time. But the average number should be representative of the relaxed paced I could enjoy the trip at.

Shipping the Motorcycles (and yourself)
I've also allocated approximate $4300 for transportation cost. This would include the cost of shipping the motorcycles across continents as well as myself via air transportation. Unfortunately, I am flying across the LARGEST ocean and the cost is quite simply the cost. The going consensus is that you save zilch by going with sea transport. You will often be left without a bike for days and any money saved on sea transportation of the bike will be neglected by the port fees to unload your bike.

Medical is the amount of money I want to be able to produce should I need medical attention. In most countries, medical cost are lower than that in the United States, but you must be able to produce the money before being treated. I assume that the cost is not going to cover anything crazy such as a broken spine or months of therapy (that's what medical insurance is for). But for cost such as a broken bone, flu, etc. This is a spend as needed item and may not be spent at all.

Lastly is the paperwork for visas, carnets, and other misc items.

I also tallied two totals, one is the cost of the trip if entertainment and shipping cost were not involved. You see that the cost is actually quite low, its the added cost of choosing the method of transporting yourself and the motorcycle, as well as the amount of money you wish to spend in the city that really drives the cost up. Ultimately, $30K is what i aim for, though the reality is that I expect to spend much less.

So that's the cost of a trip by myself. Should anyone wish to tag along, the cost could be reduced in terms of housing. We would split the cost appropriately. Also, the upside of traveling with two is that there is a highly adventurous route across Siberia and through the Road of Bones. Its a two week trip into Russia from Mongolia into Magadan (which is a short flight into Alaska). This is the route taken by Long Way Round. It would be cheaper due to the lack of entertainment, but the reward is multitudes greater. I suppose at Magadan, one would be able to fly the bike into a port city in China. This would cut the trip in China short, and reduce the cost. However the additional cost in shipping would probably negate any real savings. Therefore it is probably worth it since there is no net change in cost.

Total Cost Excel Sheet

Round the World : Chapter 1 : Ideas In Motion

Inspiration comes from many places, but I find that most of my own inspiration comes from watching others go through their own pains in learning. After a good viewing of Ewan’ McGregor’s Long Way Round, I thought to myself that I wanted to go around the world (referred to as RTW, for round the world from here on out), on a motorbike too , and since I’m not a famous actor with extra cash, I’ll have to make a well-defined budget and in the next (hopefully) 2-3 years, I’ll be able to see this aspiration come true. I want to break the planning phases into several categories. It’s not organized in a linear matter, therefore I will go back and make adjustments to each phase as needed. Also, the titles to each blog will begin with each phase I plan on talking about. But the basic 4 phases I want to look at is:

Phase 1: Budgeting
I’ll be looking at the maximum feasible amount that I can save per month, along with that the budgeting of the trip based on global fuel cost with extras for maintenance of the motorcycle, medical, and entertainment along the trip. The cost is going to be based on hearsay, others who have performed an RTW trip. All of which will be grouped into a $/day allowance for food and petro on the most basic level.

Phase 2: Route Planning
Route planning is largely dependent on the number of people I can go with this trip on. If I end up traveling alone, the route will have to be less dangerous and obviously the more the merrier.

Phase 3: Visas, Carnets and other Paperwork
Crossing borders with a motor vehicle requires paperwork, everything about getting the required documents will be discussed.

Phase 4: The Motorcycle
Of course, this is my favorite part! The motorbike itself! I’ll be looking at several bikes and hopefully picking the right one and equipping it as I see fit. I’ve got my eye on the Suzuki DR-650 at the moment, but that can change.

Q: Why around the world on a bike?

A: Really, I’ve never thought about it much. I enjoy riding, but I remember vividly how much I hated long trips on my bike when I was younger. The saddle soreness was really painful, and it was always so expensive to pay for fuel, mind you, I didn’t really have a steady job back then either. One ride really changed it all though. I rode down to New Orleans with my friend Rudel and back in 9 days. It was GRUELING ride, but the trip was worth every bit of it. Being on the bike and knowing that home was not a destination the next morning is one of the most liberating feelings I’ve ever had the pleasure of having. And multiplying that feeling by 100x, perhaps even 1000x is something that I really look forward to.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Realistically, I’ve read many numbers in the $30,000 range per a year (and it is doable in a year). Most of the cost comes from transporting the bike from one continent to the other, and I will start touching on the cost as I find out more. Daily cost from country to country vary, and it also varies greatly on what you plan on doing along the trip.

Q:How long will it take?

A: 1 year. Hopefully. As much as I’d like to bum around and just travel the world, when the bank goes empty, so does the gas tank, that is if the global supply of gasoline doesn’t dry up soon. I might have to travel around the world on cooking oil on a diesel bike!

Q: When do you want to leave?

A: I’d like to ride along a path that is mostly warm, and not cold as fucking hell, so I’d like to travel across Europe in the summer time, and spend the winter(the northern hemisphere of a winter) in the tropics, so a good date would be around June 2015/2016. I also plan on completing my Engineering Masters degree by then as well. It’ll be a nice treat.

So that’s all for this short blog! Now to fire up excel and make a spreadsheet for budgeting!

How to survive a relationship with me

From the relationships I've had throughout my life, I've always heard the same complaints when I either do my own thing or act a certain way. Well thanks to those past relationships, I’ve decide to write all this shit down and hopefully not forget in the immediate future.


I LOVE having you around me, but have your own life. You need to grow, I need to grow, and sometimes that requires going through certain parts of life without clawing on each other’s every breath and movement. I know cell phones exist, but don’t call me if I ask you not too, if you don’t trust me, this just won’t work out. Sometimes I need to just do something on my own and face my own hardships. PLEASE don’t get pissed that I don’t include you, because I’ll come back as a more complete person when I’m done (or completely dead….. literally). And you will too when you figure certain things out on your own.


If you like me because of who I am now, chances are that I won’t be calming my ass down anytime soon. Motorcycles will ALWAYS be in my life. Skydiving is my crack and it’ll only get worst. Surfing is my current “too broke to do anything else” hobby. Don’t expect me to give up these things in the future. Actually, you should fully accept that skydiving will turn into BASE jumping. Oh and I have plans to summit Mt. Everest once in my life, and travel around the world by the time I’m 30.
P.S. I’m 25 and it WILL happen.


There’s nothing I hate more than people who say they want to , but don’t do it. I am like a dog that hasn’t seen their owner in DAYS when it comes to hearing what you want to do. I am excited and my mouth is drooling on the pillow, actually that was just me fast asleep. I don’t need to like the activity, but it lights me up to hear you want to do something that makes you grin the unstoppable smile from satisfaction. I will nudge you and create a whole support team to make sure that you do EXACTLY what you wanted to do. Oh and don’t be camera shy. I like taking pictures so much, I’ll follow you off a cliff (literally) and just snap pictures and vids all day long and be completely happy to get that perfect shot of you enjoying yourself exactly how you imagined it.


I get it, we’re not always going to like the same shit. Don’t feel like you’re obligated to be there with me if I ask. Don’t feel bad about saying no. You should live your own life and do things you enjoy. If you are happy to see me happy, then you won’t make me feel guilty about you being there with me.

Also, if you don't give blowjobs, then get the fuck out!


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