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Changing Brake Pads S2R1000 Ducati

If your brake pads are worn, you'll start hearing them moan or you will see the wear indicator disappear.

Some people use a tool to hone them again, some people use scotch brites. Some people just wash it with rotor cleaner. I cleaned the rotors with some simple green and scotch brite and beded them in according to my preferred method. If you dont clean your rotors your not going to get the pads to mate with the rotors and your brakes will feel like they don't even exist.

Step 1. Remove the 2 bolts and press the caliper against the rotor to compress the pistons, otherwise you wont be able to get them out. Read on and youll see what i mean.

New SV650 for Yauhen

It began like any other Sunday ride in November. It rained before the sun came up and the weather was cold. Miserable is what I would call it.
The plan was to ride two up and super slab to NH on Yauhens F2 and come down on two bikes via twisties and back roads. Out by 730, there by 1200 and back by 8PM

Suspects Unlimited Ride 10/25/09

My previous ride result in me flying through some air and rolling a few times on asphalt and putting a hole in my engine as my bike glided across the side of a hill. The aftermath resulted in me having my balls deep in my asshole every time I saw a grain of gravel on the road. It doesn’t help that soth’s (formerly golden child) favorite roads include gravel either.


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