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NYC to Colorado Part 2: Ohio and the Buckeyes

Like most of my trips, they begin with a sleepless night, and a long days ride.
I woke up at 5am ready to hop out by 6am and luckily, I managed to do just that. After saying goodbye to my parents I zipped off into the foggy morning.
The ride started off alright. I decided to take the tunnel and have a record of my trip through my ezpass… in case I get axe murdered on the way there. (click to read more)

NYC to Colorado Part 1: The Prep Work

Murphy’s law says that anything that CAN go wrong. WILL go wrong. And with my luck, things will definitely go wrong! Many can testify to the ordeals that I put myself through. Key phrase: “put myself through”!

I was initially going to leave NYC at 4am Friday (as I’m typing this actually), but I wanted to take an extra day to relax after a grueling finals week. I still had to pack and tie up some loose ends before I felt comfortable leaving for 3 months to spend my summer in Grand Junction Colorado working as an intern for a geotech company. (click to read more)


Ducati DS1000 Supplemental Tutorial

There's been a lot of people asking around about the valve adjustments on a DS1000, and how it is different from a regular 2v Ducati. So here are some notes to help supplement the valve adjustment information out there.

This is not a full tutorial, you can find tutorials on how to adjust your valves all across the internet.

Firstly the location of the timing marks are not the same, however the idea remains. When all the tick marks on the belt side line up and the tick mark on the flywheel lines up, the forward cylinder is at top dead center (TDC).

Excuse the blurry picture, but the vertical cylinder's mark is at the 12 o'clock position.


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