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HID retrofit for Ducati Monster 1993-2007

I've been putting this off for a long time, but here are my notes for retrofitting a HID projector into your Ducati Monster housing.

Please note, that around 2007, Plastic buckets were appearing on monsters. I've never actually held one long enough to determine if it is strong enough to install a projector. An educated guess would say no to durability. You can purchase a steel headlight, it will bolt right up to the plastic headlamp monsters.

The Ducati Monster does NOT have good lighting for night riding, and those of us who are riding at night , we often find ourselves squinting into the bleak darkness of the night. So here is a mod that is worth its weight in gold!!!
You can purchase any HID projector housing for retrofitting, the idea is the same. You will however, need to make sure it physically can fit inside. For that reason, I've chosen the Morimoto H1 projectors from TRS ( Their units fit in our monsters very well and require little work in comparison to other mods.

So here we go

Step 1: acquire a HID projector, you are looking at roughly 4 inches maximum in length. Most units are larger and will make fitting more challenging.


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