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Ecuador: Banos Rafting Adventure Part 2 of 3 (Day 22)

Complimentary breakfast that’s not just waffle mix and concentrated OJ??? Awesome!
The hotel has a full kitchen staff that provided full breakfast meal. First was a fruit platter then some eggs and toast. No meat? Oh well. I guess I can go without stuffing my face with 10lbs of bacon…


Ecuador: Banos Pedal To the Metal! Part 1 of 3 (Day 21)

After a day of resting back in Latacunga, I reevaluated my money situation and realized that I was down to a measly $300 in my pockets, which goes a long way if you're spending it on day to day expenses, but Banos would inevitably drain every bit I had. Oh well! I can eat nothing for several days just to have some fun!
Like all bus stops in Ecuador, I had no idea what time a bus arrives because there are no schedules posted anywhere except the main terminal, or which buses stop on a particular route. After seeing 4 buses pass in 30 minutes one that said BANOS finally arrived and of I was!

The bus ride is about 2 hours into the main part of Banos. This is the same bus that goes to Coca since Banos is en route. Once you leave Latacunga, you’re able to see a nearby active volcano called Tungurahua. You can also summit this volcano, but it is not as popular as Cotopaxi because its much tougher and requires some good experience. The last eruption occurred on 26th of April 2011 since it became active in 1999.



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